Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

trophy, peacock feather leather trophy pin



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Perfect leatherpin leatherto leatherput leatheron leatheryour leathercorduroy leatherblazer, leatherin leathera leatherfantastic leathermr. leatherfox leatherkind leatherof leatherway. leather leather\rThis leathergreat leatherpiece leatheris leathermade leatherfrom leatherrecycled leatherleather leatherthat leatherhas leatherbeen leathercut leatherinto leathera leathertrophy leathershape leatherand leatheradorned leatherwith leatherpeacock leatherfeather leatherplumage leatherand leathera leathercrinkly leathervintage leatherred leathervelvet leatherribbon. leather leatherThis leatherpin leatheris leathercomplete leatherwith leathera leatherfelt leatherback leatherto leatherkeep leathereverything leatherin leatherplace leatherand leatherneat leatherlooking.\r\rThe leatherpin leatheris leather2.5 leatherinches leatherat leatherits leatherhighest leatherpoint leatherand leatherthen leather1.5 leatherinches leatheracross.\r\rplease leatherlet leatherme leatherknow leatherif leatheryou leatherhave leatherany leatherquestions!

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