Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bead necklace, Aqua & Clear Triple-Strand 13 Inch Choker



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This chokerpretty choker13 chokerinch chokerchoker chokerfeatures chokera chokertriple-strand chokerdesign, chokerwhere chokeron chokerone chokerstrand chokerI chokerused chokerclear chokerand chokersilver chokerglass chokertube chokerbeads. chokerOn chokerthe chokerothers, chokeraqua chokerand chokerclear chokerglass chokerseed chokerbeads. chokerIt chokerhas chokera chokerstainless chokersteel chokerspring chokerring chokerstyle chokerclasp.Your chokerjewelry chokercomes chokerin chokercustom chokerpackaging chokerthat chokeris chokerperfect chokerfor chokergift chokergiving. choker(See chokerPicture chokerAbove)

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