Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

repurposed, The Little Acorn Sterling Silver Glass and Crystal Necklace



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This crystaldelicate crystalnecklace crystalfeatures crystala crystalcut crystalglass crystalbead crystalcapped crystalby crystala crystalvintage crystalwhite crystalglass crystalor crystalporcelain crystalcup crystaland crystaltopped crystalwith crystala crystalcrystal crystalspacer crystaland crystalanother crystalsmall crystalglass crystalbead. crystalThe crystalwhite crystalbead crystalcap crystalshows crystalsome crystalwear. crystalThe crystalcute crystalacorn-shaped crystalpendant crystalhangs crystalfrom crystala crystalvintage crystalItalian crystalsterling crystalsilver crystal16" crystalchain. crystalIt crystalcan crystalbe crystalreplaced crystalwith crystala crystalshiny crystalnew crystal16" crystalor crystal18" crystalchain crystalon crystalrequest.

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