Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

acorn pendant, Vintage Brass Acorn Charm Necklace



In stock



Necklace fall jewelrycomprised fall jewelryof fall jewelrya fall jewelryvintage fall jewelrybrass fall jewelryacorn fall jewelrycharm fall jewelryhanging fall jewelryfrom fall jewelrya fall jewelrygold fall jewelryplated fall jewelry22 fall jewelryinch fall jewelryvintage fall jewelrychain. fall jewelryAcorn fall jewelrypendant fall jewelrymeasures fall jewelry1 fall jewelry1/2 fall jewelryinches fall jewelrylong, fall jewelryhas fall jewelrysharp fall jewelrydetails fall jewelryand fall jewelrya fall jewelrybit fall jewelryof fall jewelryweight fall jewelryto fall jewelryit fall jewelry\u2014 fall jewelryit's fall jewelrya fall jewelrynecklace fall jewelryyou fall jewelrywill fall jewelryknow fall jewelryyou fall jewelryare fall jewelrywearing!\r\rThanks fall jewelryso fall jewelrymuch fall jewelryfor fall jewelrytaking fall jewelrya fall jewelrypeek fall jewelryand fall jewelryplease fall jewelryhave fall jewelrya fall jewelrylook fall jewelryaround fall jewelrythe fall jewelryrest fall jewelryof fall jewelrythe fall jewelryshop: fall jewelrycontrary..

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