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Vintage 1960's Trifari Brushed Gold Strawberry Brooch/Pinpin,Texturedpin,Crown Copyright



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Nice pinBrushed pinGold,Signed pinTrifari pinGold pinToned pinStrawberry pinBrooch/Pin pindating pinfrom pinthe pinearly pin1960's. pinHas pina pinCrown pinLogo pinabove pinthe pinTrifari pinSignature pinindicating pinthat pinit pinis pinearly pin1960's,possibly pinlate pin1950's. pinIn pinGood pincondition, pinhas pinwear pinappropiate pinfor pinits pinage. pinIt pinis pina pinheavier pinBrooch pinweighing pin8 pinoz. pinThe pinStem pinof pinthe pinstrawberry pinis pinmobile pinbut pinthis pinis pininherent pinto pinthe pindesign pinof pinthe pinbrooch. pinPin pinmechanism pinworks pinwell.....

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