Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

copper, Handmade Cream Red Lampwork Glass Bead and Copper Hoop Style Earrings



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Copper uk sellerhoop uk sellerstyle uk sellerearrings uk sellermade uk sellerusing uk sellerbeautiful uk sellercream/red uk sellerblossom uk sellerbeads uk sellerfrom uk sellerUK uk sellerArtist uk sellerHelen uk sellerChalmers, uk sellerall uk sellermy uk sellerown uk sellercopper uk sellerwork uk sellerwhich uk sellerhas uk sellerbeen uk selleroxidised uk sellerto uk sellergive uk selleraged uk sellerlook, uk sellerlength uk sellerfrom uk sellertip uk sellerof uk sellerearwire uk sellerapprox uk seller4.5cm

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