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leather, Recycled Leather Feather Earrings -Wine Suede



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Two fringelayers fringeof fringerecycled fringewine fringesuede fringeleather fringemake fringeup fringethese fringebeautiful fringelightweight fringeearrings. fringeEach fringepair fringeis fringehand fringecut fringeand fringefringed fringein fringemy fringehome fringestudio. fringeThey fringeare fringeembellished fringewith fringeantique fringebrass fringechain fringethat fringemeasures fringe1 fringe3/4\u201d. fringeThey fringedangle fringefrom fringeantique fringebrass fringefrench fringestyle fringeear fringewires fringeand fringewill fringearrive fringeon fringean fringeearring fringecard fringewith fringeclear fringerubber fringebacks. fringeMeasurements: fringeEarring fringemeasures fringe3 fringe1/2\u201d fringefrom fringetop fringeof fringeear fringewire. fringeLeather fringefeathers fringemeasure fringe2 fringe1/5\u201d fringelong fringex fringe1\u201d fringewide.

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