Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

triangular necklace, STERLING SILVER NECKLACE with Diamond Shaped Purple Beads - Hallmarked - Craftsmanship



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LOVELY silver linksVINTAGE silver linksSTERLING silver links silver linksSILVER silver linksOPEN silver linksWORK silver linksTUBULAR silver linksNECKLACE silver linksWITH silver linksDANGLING silver linksPURPLE silver linksDIAMOND silver linksSHAPED silver linksBI silver linksCONE silver linksBEADSGoddessandco silver linksis silver linkspleased silver linksto silver linksoffer silver linksfor silver linkssale, silver linksthis silver linkslovely silver linksBeautiful silver links silver linksdelicate silver linkssymmetry silver linkswith silver linkscurved, silver linkslinked silver linkstriangles! silver links silver linksHallmarked silver linksand silver linksin silver linksExcellent silver linksConditionSIZE silver links14 silver linksinches silver linkslongWEIGHT: silver links9.12 silver linkstotal silver linksgram silver linksweightMEASUREMENT: silver links28 silver linksmm silver linkslong silver linksat silver linksdeepest silver linkspoint, silver linksrounded silver linkstube silver linksare silver links2 silver linksmm silver linkswide, silver linksbeads silver linksare silver links5 silver linksmm silver linkslong

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