Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Bead pendanton pendantlanyard pendantHD pendantquality. pendantAuthor's pendantwork. pendantSize: pendant17x17 pendantmm.Hole-6 pendantmm.The pendantmaterial pendantis pendanta pendanttin-containing pendantalloy. pendantIt pendantcan pendantbe pendantused pendantfor pendantthe pendantmanufacture pendantof pendantfood pendantutensils pendantand pendantbody pendantjewelry. pendantHas pendantgood pendanthardness. pendantVisually pendantlooks pendantlike pendantsilver. pendantThe pendantblack pendantbear pendantin pendantthe pendantsame pendantway pendantas pendantsilver. pendantOver pendanttime, pendantnot pendantoxidized.

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