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jewellery, Vintage French Earrings ~ Chic Silvertone & Black Rope Effect ~ Clip On ~ 1980s Ear Clips ~ original rubber pads



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Fabulous earringsVintage earringsFrench earringsearrings, earrings earrings1980s earringsFrench earringsclip-on earringsin earringssilver-tone earringsand earringsblack earringsrope earringseffect, earringswith earringsoriginal earringsrubber earringscomfort earringspads.Very earringschic, earringsvery earringsFrench, earringsvery earrings1980s!1 earringsinch earringsdiameter earrings- earringsgood earringsconditionWill earringsgo earringsFREEPOST earringsfrom earringsFrance earringsby earringssimple earringsletterpost, earringsno earringstracking; earrings earringsIf earringsyou earringswant earringstracking, earringsjust earringsask earrings- earringsthere earringsis earringsan earringsadditional earringssmall earringsfee.Proof earringsof earringsposting earringsalways earringsobtainedthanks earringsfor earringsyour earringstime!11896/c14/100

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