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Vintage 1950's White Milk GLASS Earrings By CHARELcostume jewelry, like TRIFARIcostume jewelry, Sweet Floral Designer Earrings



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Petal summer earringsshaped summer earringswhite summer earringsmilk summer earringsglass summer earringsflowers summer earringsand summer earringsSilvertone summer earringsmake summer earringsthese summer earringsbeautiful summer earringsvintage summer earringsearrings summer earringsgreat summer earringsfor summer earringssummer!They summer earringsare summer earringssigned summer earringson summer earringsthe summer earringsback summer earrings\u201cCharel\u201d summer earringswithout summer earringsa summer earringscopyright summer earringssymbol. summer earringsUS summer earringscopyright summer earringslaws summer earringswere summer earringschanged summer earringsin summer earrings1955 summer earringsbased summer earringson summer earringsa summer earrings summer earringslawsuit summer earringsthat summer earringsTrifari summer earringswon summer earringsagainst summer earringsCharel. summer earringsMost summer earringscostume summer earringsjewelry summer earringshaving summer earringsthe summer earringscopyright summer earringsmark summer earringswas summer earringsmade summer earringsafter summer earrings1955. summer earringsSo summer earringsI summer earringsbelieve summer earringsthat summer earringsthese summer earringsare summer earringspre-1955. summer earringsEarrings summer earringsare summer earrings1 summer earrings1/4" summer earringsindiameter.In summer earringsvery summer earringsgood summer earringscondition summer earringsbut summer earringsshowing summer earringssome summer earringsyellowing summer earringsof summer earringsthe summer earringsglue summer earringsfrom summer earringsthe summer earringsback summer earringsof summer earringsthe summer earringsearring summer earringsonly. summer earringsBoth summer earringsthe summer earringsearring summer earringsclips summer earringswork summer earringsfine.

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