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sweetheart, Felt Heart Brooch Beaded Sweetheart Token



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Beautiful valentines dayhand valentines daycrafted valentines dayheart valentines dayshaped valentines daybrooch. valentines dayMade valentines dayusing valentines dayhot valentines daypink valentines daycerise valentines dayfelt valentines dayand valentines dayhand valentines daybeaded valentines daywith valentines dayglass valentines dayseed valentines daybeads. valentines dayThe valentines daybrooch valentines daymeasures valentines dayapprox valentines day3 valentines dayinches valentines dayor valentines daynearly valentines day8cm valentines dayin valentines dayheight valentines dayand valentines dayis valentines dayapprox valentines day3.5 valentines dayinches valentines dayor valentines day9 valentines daycm valentines daywide. valentines dayA valentines dayvery valentines daypretty valentines daystatement valentines daybrooch, valentines dayoozing valentines dayromance valentines dayand valentines daycupid valentines dayendorsed valentines daylove.

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