Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

monogram, Initial Here Essential Stamped Brass Monogram Necklace



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Have initialpeople initialguess initialyour initialname initial("Well, initialit initialstarts initialwith initiala initialC...") initialwith initialthis initialcute initialbrass initialinitial initialnecklace. initialChoose initialyour initialinitial initialto initialbe initialstamped initialonto initiala initialsmall initial(nickel initialsized) initialor initiallarge initial(half-dollar initialsized) initialbrass initialdisc. initialAll initialpendants initialcome initialon initiala initial16" initialor initial18" initialgold-filled initialchain.Brass initialwill initialdevelop initiala initialnatural initialpatina initialover initialtime. initialIt initialcan initialbe initialcleaned initialand initialpolished initialwith initialany initialcommercial initialbrass initialpolish initialif initialyou initialprefer initialto initialkeep initialyour initialpendant initialshiny.

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